Value Tips Affiliate Program

Our sister site has just been launched November 2015. This site offers a new system and tips package from the Midas team as well as offering an upsell of our original product the Midas Method.

As a first point of call we recommend you promote this for best conversions. Currently conversions are as high as $1.61 a hop and average $0.69 a hop!

Full details of how to promote our new offer can be found below:


Midas Method Affiliate Program

For existing Midas Method affiliate promotions see information below...

Midas Version 3.0 members will gain access to our members zone from which they can access the automated betting software. As well as this they will have full access to our proven to profit Midas Pro Tips service.

We have slashed the yearly fee from £79 to £47 as a limited one off offer, and for the monthly fee we will be charging £14.95 per month! Affiliates as always get 50% commission, including monthly rebills for LIFE!

With This Midas Method Promotion offer there are two ways to earn through affiliate sales,

1. Monthly Sales - Get 50% of £14.95 every month for as long as the customer is subscribed!

These payments are easily affordable and keep you earning for longer. We know that on average customers will stay 5 months on this pricing, this means that what ever your intial payment is you will be paid 5 times that amount on average. Some of your referrals will stay for years, and you will see the commissions hitting your account month after month!

Average affiliates earning per monthly customer = £37.38
Average affiliates earning per 10 monthly customers = £373.80
Average affiliate earnings per 50 monthly customers = £1869
Maximum affiliate earnings per monthly customer = UNLIMITED! You can be paid out for Years!

2. One Off Payment - Get 50% of one off £47 payment.

Not everyone likes to committ to a monthly plan, so you can also make money on the customers who decide to make a one off payment. We've found that 50% of customers will take this option in our testing. This is a massive saving for the customer and as an affiliate you get your earnings up front!

Average affiliates earning per one off fee customer = £23.50
Average affiliates earning per 10 one off fee customers = £235
Average affiliate earnings per 50 one off fee customers = £1175

And the best part is, we've tested this pricing model and not only does it convert like a dream, but refunds remain consistently low. Far more people buy at this discount price, and as its a limited offer they are more inclined to grab a bargain and try it out. So you can once again expect record breaking conversions of up to $3.93 a click!! Whilst still getting ultra low refunds!

The Midas Method is a long term project, we are on version 3.0 and we aim to keep subscribers and provide a high quality betting service, to ensure the customers you send are kept happy and you keep receiving rebillls each month!

* Please note - Standard Clickbank fees will be deducted from above figures

Step One: In order to promote The Midas Method product as an affiliate you will need a Clickbank account. It is free and easy to setup, click here to signup for a Clickbank account.

Step Two: Once you have your account setup, you can then start promoting The Midas Method by sending traffic to this link:

IMPORTANT: You must replace xxxxx with your affiliate nickname or otherwise you won’t be credited for the sales you generate.

Step Three: Signup to our affiliate centre and get incredible affiliate training and support. You will also gain complete access to our massive library of affiliate promotional tools which you can use right away including an exclusive, "specially designed" Wordpress theme exclusive to our affiliates that will help you churn out consistent affiliate sales – week in, week out.

The Midas Method is a unique web based betting software with 4 built in systems as well as the ability to create customized systems. Version 3.0 is a giant leap from the pdf version 2.0 with software and additional filtering capabilities making this a powerful and user-friendly betting application.

In addition to the betting software, Midas Method Members get access to our Midas Picks Tipster service which will provide users with regular proven to profit horse racing tips via email.

If you’re already an active affiliate in the betting niche and would like a review copy of The Midas Method before promotion please contact us and we will happily provide you with access to review the software.

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